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What do ‘prickly precious flowing star’ all have in common? No, not part of an obscure post-modern poem, they’re four of the 31 words on the official 2018 prompt list for #Inktober2018.

For those who don’t know the background, Inktober was started by illustrator Mr Jake Parker and every October artists all over the world take on the drawing challenge of doing one drawing every day for the month of October. And listen to this, anyone can do Inktober! Just pick up a pen and start drawing. Sound familiar?

We want you to get inking on A5 for us (well not just us, for the children who benefit from the sale of your art, of course).

We’d love your 31 drawings from ‘poisonous’ to ‘slice’ and everything in between. Why not host a ‘drooling’ ‘exhausted’ doodle session on the weekend of 6 and 7 October? Or ‘thunder’ ‘gift’ on 27 and 28?

For visual inspiration we’ll be sharing a daily picture of each of the prompts throughout the month, please also share your #Inktober creation on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and remember to tag us too.

Anyone looking for a central drop off in Johannesburg, theSQUAD Creative Event Management will be delighted to receive your art. You may even get an excellent cup of coffee out of them at HumanKind Building, 259 Jan Smuts Ave, Dunkeld West, Johannesburg. People across the globe, you can also make a difference by carefully posting your art, in between two pieces of cardboard, to 1000 Drawings, P O Box 274, Parklands, Johannesburg, 2121, South Africa.

Lastly, before we leave you to your inking, Night of 1000 Drawings #BringYourArt is only possible because we get love, time, art and sponsorship.

This month we’re saying a huge thank you to Mekluc for sponsoring some of our printing – so critical to the success of the event. Also to the creative lovelies at Baker Baynes in Cape Town who did a fantastic #DrinkandDraw doodle session for usthank you all. See your next artwork (and look at that food!) in their blog about the event, here.


For anyone interested in sponsorship or getting involved, please contact us at

1000 D Team


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