5 Days Until Doodle Drop-Off Deadline

by | Feb 25, 2020 | Latest News

Only a 5 days for doodlers to drop their A5 art at one of our doodle drop-box destinations.The deadline for submissions is end February to give us time to collect and prepare the art for curator sessions.

Why should you donate? Because we’re raising money from your creativity and generosity for:

Paballo Ya Batho

  • Soup kitchens serving homeless people in Rissik Street, downtown Joburg and more.
  • The ID project which assists South African members of the community to acquire Identity Cards that they can use for voter registration, to find employment, open bank accounts, obtain social grants, etc.
  • Support the homeless in their quest for employment by typing and printing their CVs and obtaining copies of school leaving certificates and/or other qualifications or memberships, and more.

Everybody Love Everybody ELE

  • ELE is an entirely non-profit NGO, focused on Education and Early Childhood Development through the Everybody Love Education Initiative.
  • They provide the necessary academic and social support needed for the kids to flourish and grow into well-rounded individuals.
  • In addition to financial assistance, they identify high potential scholars from disadvantaged backgrounds and create the platform to connect them to individual and corporate sponsors.

Dlala Nje Foundation

  • Offers safe, diverse and engaging environments for kids in difficult communities through providing community centres for them to access.
  • 180 children use the centre at Ponte City in Joburg with the staff coming from the local communities.
  • The focus is on education providing free computers, internet access, daily homework facilitation, a library and an environment for the children to reach their potential, and more.

Timbuktu in the Valley

  • Timbuktu in the Valley is a non-profit NGO learning space at Victoria Yards.
  • They are devoted to equipping local youth with skills and knowledge that allow them to become independent citizens and shapers of their own, self-determined lives.
  • They provide workshops for the youth, covering all sorts of subjects which convey purposeful skills such as fixing bicycles to gardening, arts, up-cycling, cooking, baking, pottery.

Thank you from 1000D and these amazing non-profit organisations.

Please get your tickets now (and don’t forget to check out the Pick n Pay SmartShopper special)!

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