No 1 Eloff

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Behind the imposing façade of One Eloff – an erstwhile motor-vehicle holding facility for Chrysler and Rolls Royce – is one of the most astonishing Johannesburg inner-city regeneration gems: an exciting mixed-use precinct being developed by Geoff Jardine and his inspiring team of inner-city regenerators: a project of Molten Black. Already comprising over 300 loft apartments and soon a vibrant ground-floor indoor and outdoor precinct too, One Eloff is poised to become the city’s landmark lifestyle destination; especially so because of its unusual and exciting mix of office, retail, event and residential spaces.

The 1950s art-deco style edifice of One Eloff overlooks the Joziburg Lane – a private alleyway that will soon be lined with street cafes, designer shops and artist studios, culminating in the Joziburg Foodhall. In addition, the 6000 square meter interior of One Eloff will also comprise a frenetic bargain-style shopping mall, as well as trendy boutique-style office spaces and convenience street-side stores along Eloff Street.

One Eloff is where Joburg’s inner-city diversity and vibrancy is celebrated. A lively precinct where Joburgers from all walks of life, all backgrounds, ages, races and interests meet to work, play, live and mingle in public space.

One Eloff has received a new lease of life in the last year in an initiative by prominent inner-city property developer, Molten Black. Over 300 residential loft apartments make up the bulk of the development, cleverly built as double-storey units surrounding open-air courtyards.