Drop Off Point Spotlight: The Artisan

by | May 5, 2017 | Drop Off Points

The Artisan embodies the creation and appreciation of all things hand made.

Pure, inspired, organic craftsmanship.

Hand made, high quality, juicy. Their wide selection of burgers will satisfy any craving you might have running through your body. With ten draughts taps installed, they serve a decent range of craft beers including the No. 3 Fransen Street Range and Fiery Dragon Ginger Beer, while alternating many beers from around South Africa.

Birthday, Bachelorettes, Bachelors, Dates, Anniversaries. They do everything they can to accommodate bookings of any design!

Why a drop-box at The Artisan?

I personally have gone to a few  Night of 1000 Drawings over the last couple of years and have always been a fan, so when we were approached as The Artisan, I was quite happy. This is mostly because our biggest focus (besides selling our product) on the establishment was to focus and draw attention to the artistic market, whether it be musicians, artists, poets etc. We’ve focused a lot on providing drawings classes, live music and any form of expression in the business (as much as the space can cater for). Having a little focal point of something as attractive and cool as 1000 Drawings really ties into everything previously mentioned.

The box is located on the counter for our main bar, right in front of where service is offered by the bartender, just left of our main entrance as you walk in.

The Artisan embodies the main idea of creation through the use of hands. This can be practical, artistic, mechanical or consumable. Tying in to our brand, our previous relationship with 1000 Drawings and our history of activations in the artistic market, I think a lot of value is added for your brand, ours and the market we are appealing to, to make The Artisan a home for such things (Hopefully every year in the future as well).


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