Drop Off Point Spotlight: Sally Mustang

by | May 8, 2017 | Drop Off Points

 Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life”  – Pablo Picasso

Picking the right tattoo often takes a lot of time and thought…

This is a lifelong commitment, a moment captured and etched into your very being, and one which we understand requires the right tattoo parlor at your side every step of the way. We at Sally Mustang pride ourselves in offering an industry first – a full service, world-class tattoo parlor, saloon bar and eventing space second to none. We are committed to creating eclectic experiences for our clients, believing that tattoos are more than just that one moment, they are a lifestyle.

Inspired by the venue’s vintage bar, paralleled with the latest in tattoo tech, Sally Mustang is styled as a throwback to the Steampunk/industrial era, with the sole intention of mixing innovation with art, and promoting creativity, good vibes and a meaningful tattoo experience.

Why a drop-box at Sally Mustang?

We absolutely love your initiative and giving education to kids that crave learning is so precious, the whole stigma about tattooing and coming from a bad background is now time to evolve and show that creativity onto our bodies dose not mean a bad upbringing yet shows the artistic nature of each individual, we at Sally Mustang strive to change this perception and want to set a president in the industry that tattoos are more than just art it’s a lifestyle.

You will find the deposit box sitting on our custom made table in front of our beautiful purple couch which is the heart of our studio.

People should come to our studio as it’s a melting pot of creativity even to pop a squat at our artist design area and let there creative juices flow we urge anyone to find a better spot for creativity other than Sally Mustang.

Our venue is fitted with a beautiful bar giving clients a break from the pain.


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