Drop Off Point Spotlight: PublicisMachine

by | Jul 31, 2017 | Drop Off Points, Latest News

We believe that change has become the defining characteristic in today’s business environment. The brands that thrive are those that understand this and are designed to manage, capture and leverage the change in the world around them. To that extent, Publicis’ founder Marcel Bleustein-Blanchet’s spirit is still alive: You have to lead the change, if you don’t want to be led by change.

In a world of accelerated change, the future of a brand and business cannot be predicted precisely, but it can be imagined. Today’s brands compete with new technologies, empowered consumers, shifting public attitudes, brand new contenders and much more. In order to keep their relevance among customers, managing change and uncertainty is a pre-requisite. Creating leading strategies and powerful ideas that allow our clients’ brands to become unique, irreplaceable, in control and ahead is our purpose. In more than 80 countries, our agencies work with a wide range of clients and company cultures. But in our network we all share a common ambition: to help our clients and their brands to be and remain the leaders they want to be, to Lead The Change.


What made you want to be part of 1000 Drawings?

We’ve been going to 1000 Drawings for years now, ever since we learnt about it in University.

Why should people come to you and drop off their drawings?

Our agency has a great close-knit culture, on Fridays afternoons we like be more casual, often challenging each other to board games and workshopping ideas. Anyone coming to drop off is more than welcome to join in and tell us the story behind their work! Also I think it’s a great way to get people involved in charity without because it feels like a fair trade more than it does a donation.

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