Drop Off Point Spotlight: Banter

by | May 4, 2017 | Drop Off Points

Some people are good at running. Some at climbing big mountains. There’s even someone good at juggling chainsaws.

Well, we’re great at what we do. Digital.

Banter is a leading boutique Digital & Creative Design Agency, combining digital design with the latest global trends and technology, to keep your business on the right side of the digital curve. We’re a full 360° digital agency, here to make your brand stand out. And most importantly, our business is built on a foundation of transparency, passion and an all-round positive attitude.

Simply put: Awesome work created by great people.

Why a drop-box at Banter?

Banter is a creative digital agency, and found that our team needed to do team building to keep our creative juices flowing whilst building relationships with one another. What we really loved about 1000D was that it was the perfect initiative to be a part of not only from the aspect of team building, but the push of local talented Artists and backed by a strong social conscience. We wanted to entrench ourselves in the initiative by giving back to the project and in turn, give back to the chosen charity.

Banters yearly CSI initiative project allows us to offer our time, skills and services to community based projects. A Night of a 1000 Drawings is exactly the type of enriching and fulfilling project to get our teeth stuck into.

Since we are an agency – the box will be located in our reception and you will be greeted with a lovely warm smile from Megan.

Conveniently located in the Northern Suburbs of JHB, you can find us above the Woolworths and Mugg ’n Bean. Allowing you to do your shopping before or after dropping off your art. (And we have a sweet jar)


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