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Charity Description: 
Streetlight Schools is a registered non-profit that aims to create affordable, exceptional primary schools through innovations in technology, pedagogy, teacher development and infrastructure. Our innovative school model places improved teaching practices, access to technology, cost-effectiveness and developing 21st century skills at the heart of the school system. We have launched an experimental education centre in partnership with affordable housing providers, Bjala, and will start its first school in January 2016.
What we stand for: 

We believe that industrial education systems more broadly, and the apartheid educational legacy specifically in South Africa does significant damage by robbing children of their humanity from an early age. We believe that the work of creating a new educational paradigm can be more cost-effective and of greater relevance to provide children with access to future opportunities. But, more than that, we believe it is essential for the kind of society that we want to live in to have an education system that recognises, and develops, the whole child.

Streetlight Schools Overview

Usage of funds: 

Streetlight would like to involve 1000 drawings in the decision-making around spending. Most pressing leading up to opening of grades P-1 in 2016 are building costs, and teacher salaries. Streetlight are audited by PWC. 

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+27 11 614 1107