The 1000 Drawings  #BringYourArt Campaign is aimed at raising awareness and artwork from around Johannesburg and further afield.

In previous years we’ve managed to get great media coverage and good reviews which we’ll continue to grow and leverage off.

theSQUAD Creative Events is committed to continuing with the strategy and implementation of 1000 Drawings to help deserving charities that primarily focus on education. Squadron Leader and driving force behind the latest success of 1000 Drawings Jozi, Kelly McGillivray, says: “I love being a part of something fun and 1000 Drawings is especially close to my heart.”


If you cant be part of the event or simply wish to add that bit extra, then we have great news for you! We are excited to announce that you can donate cash towards this great cause now, just Snap and Donate today!


1000 Drawings is an art-for-charity initiative that changes lives. Throughout each campaign people create artworks in an A5 format. These can be doodles, sketches, painting, photographs, etching, embroidery – we’ve even had a donation in pewter, any kind of art as long as it’s A5.

Anyone can create art – in coffee shops, galleries and tattoo parlours around Johannesburg, host their own doodle-dos or make art in the in privacy of their homes. Drop-off boxes for artwork are located around Joburg, encouraging people to doodle and drop-off as much as possible.

The  collected during the year culminates in a unique, one night only, inner- city art exhibition and sale made possible by all the donations. All proceeds from the exhibition are donated to worthy charities. From 2015 to 2017 Streetlight Schools received R100 000 from 1000 Drawings to help establish their now thriving school.

Anyone can take part to this initiative, from well-known artists, illustrators, celebrities, street and tattoo artists’ right through to primary school children and grandparents!


Want to become a vendor? Complete the application and we’ll be in touch!


1000 Drawings Johannesburg was started in 2006, when the delivery bakkie for the inner city soup kitchen, Paballo Ya Batho was stolen. Overnight it became impossible to feed and provide basic support to hundreds of homeless people. The idea of a Night of a 1000 Drawings was born as a fundraising rescue: they would ask everyone and anyone to donate A5 artworks to be sold for R100 each at an inner-city art exhibition.

During the run-up to the event, the charity received a donation of a new delivery van, but decided to continue with the 1000 Drawings event that had started to gain momentum and a following around the world. They collected not just 1000 pieces of art work, but over 3000!

Today, the event continues annually as a way of raising funds for other local charity projects, including children’s education-focused charities.

In 2015, Kelly McGillivray, from theSQUAD, took on 1000 Drawings and made a success out of the initiative with more than 6000 drawings collected in 2017 and over 1200 people in one venue purchasing the drawings.


  • To expose and provide a level playing field for up-and-coming artists, established artists, amateurs, old and young. This means that all drawings are sold at the same price, are displayed randomly at the event and have no classifications.
  • To raise awareness and funding for the charities in question and make this the centre of attention in any communication that goes out.
  • To motivate the public to use their creativity and get involved in a good cause. 1000 Drawings challenges people’s beliefs that they cannot create art and that they are powerless to bring about change in their communities.
  • To encourage the community involvement both as contributors of art work and as volunteers to help manage and maintain the event.
  • To promote Johannesburg’s inner-city CBD by hosting Night of 1000 Drawings there; encouraging people to embrace the inner-city more.
  • To make the event attractive for a broad population base, i.e. jump over barriers of social class, race, age, religious affiliation.
  • To be transparent to all sponsors and stake holders involved in 1000 Drawings.


You can create anything on anything with anything, as long as its A5.


The original 1000 Drawings project in Johannesburg has now grown and been adopted in other countries. We see 1000 Drawings projects taking place in Amsterdam, Berlin, Bloemfontein, Cape Town, Dubai, Johannesburg, Munich, Tuscany, Hong Kong and Australia.

The number of designs donated at each event now tops the 5,000 mark each time!

The Cape Town project was selected as one of the official projects for World Design Capital Cape Town in 2014, and their latest doodle session was held on the top of Table Mountain!

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